23rd Anniversay Celebrations - Samana Group of Companies.

A small dream that started back in 1996 is now larger than life itself. We are proud, humble and exuberant to announce - Samana Group of Companies successfully completed 23 years in the business. The ceremony was held at Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights. Here, we share some proud moments of our evening of celebration where we recognized outstanding performance and achievement. In the words of Mr. Mohammad Farooq, our Group Chairman, “Success is all about taking those five minutes at the end of your day, to think, reflect and refine to make tomorrow an even better day.”

“Whilst the leadership of the company has driven the business forward It is our peoples sheer commitment and diligence towards this company that has help make Samana the company it is today” said the General Manager Alan James Gammon Our Group CEO, Mr. Imran Farooq says it is “The Samana Way”.

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