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Samana Group of companies is a Professional business faction based in UAE. Under Samana's umbrella we deal with different SBUs including Immigration services, Investment and Real estate services. Under Samana Group we encompass the colossal companies namely; Star Business Centre, AAA Associates, Samana Developers, Capital Investment Company Limited and Reliance Star Properties LLC.

Under Samana's Umbrella

Star Business Centre
Samana Business Center
Capital Investment Company Limited
AAA Associates
Samana Developers
Reliance Star Properties
Samana Eagles
Samana Capital Limited

News & Events

All Praise for Stimulus Package - Endure & Keep Moving

All Praise for Stimulus Package - Endure & Keep Moving

Mr. Imran Farooq, CEO - Samana Group, in his interview with Khaleej Times has extended region's massive and unprecedented support of DH 100 billion economic stimulus package, which has immediately boosted the morale and trust of the people and companies in UAE.Read more

GCC leads Arab World in economic freedom

GCC leads Arab World in economic freedom

Imran Farooq, CEO of Samana Group, says that GCC's economic reforms and economic freedom are making the region attractive for foreign investment and top talent.Read more

23rd Anniversay Celebrations

23rd Anniversay Celebrations - Samana Group of Companies

A small dream that started back in 1996 is now larger than life itself. We are proud, humble and exuberant to announce - Samana Group of Companies successfully completed 23 years in the business.Read more

H.E. Roosevelt Skerrit

H.E. Roosevelt Skerrit - Prime Minister of Dominica attended Seminar organised by AAA Associates.

On 22nd April 2018, His Excellency initially gave an impassioned speech describing Dominica and its natural beauty.Read more

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